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Rose of Alpha Omega exists to create a community that inspires, and develops a network of Christian women that will encourage each other to lead in excellence and live a life of wholeness.

Rose of Alpha Omega


Committed to Wholeness

We are striving to help empower women through developing a sisterhood,  encouragement, and the space to deepen their spiritual relationship with God. 

Committed to Leadership

We strive to provide a leadership opportunity that provides minority women with an immersive leadership experience.

Find out more about our 2023 Rose Leaders Internship Program below

Community Connection

Coffee, God & Chill

  • In response to COVID-19, we have moved this session online.

  • Join our community as we spend time in the word of God and enjoy a time of fellowship.

  • This a safe space to share your heart and transform your walk with God. 

Balance Conference & Retreat 

Dedicated to Balance

Our Conferences and Retreats are committed to providing a safe space to breathe, grow, and deepen your relationship with God. 

We spend time in fellowship, participating in Reflection, and transformation sessions that deepen our relationship with God. 


PO Box 611021
Miami, Fl. 33261

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