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Episode 4: A conversation featuring Ebonie Mukasa

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

This episode is a conversation featuring Ebonie Mukasa

Ebonie M. Mukasa and her husband Samuel are the Founding Lead Pastors of Experience Church International. Ordained ministers, together they’ve been taking the message of God’s unrelenting love outside the walls of buildings, to the people, right where they are. In parks, on beaches, in coffee houses and homes. 

Pastor Ebonie’s passion is to connect the hearts of women to the heart of God. For over 9 years she has hosted haven of rest, workshops, Talks, seminars, and gatherings for women to be renewed and revived. Today, she pursues that ministry passion through Adoration Gatherings, the women’s ministry of Experience Church International. 

In our conversation, Ebonie shared so many nuggets of wisdom. One of them is that we need to give God the room to direct us clearly because everything comes to developing our personal relationship with God.

She implores us to stop chickening out and say yes to the assignment that God has on your life.  When God Word goes forth, God says it doesn't return void. AMEN!

She also encouraged us to  "Calm down" and allow God to use you.  She stated that we can find rest and confidence that despite the circumstances or problems that it is not the end of the story for us. God has the final say.  

Overall, she urges us to have a heart of courage in our lives. Especially, when it comes to things concerning you in the area of self-care and things that refresh you. God desires for us to be restored and renewed. Allow God's words to wash over you and guide you in steps that you can take to self-care and soul-care.

You can connect with Pastor Ebonie:

Instagram: @agatherings & @eboniemukasa 

Twitter: @AGatherings & @eboniemukasa

Reflective Action

  • Remember to have {A Heart of Courage}, remove the lens of your past, and speak what God has spoken over your life. 

  • Give room to God to speak clearly in your life, so you can do what Has called you to do.


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I pray that this episode provides you the inspiration, support, and encouragement that you need at this time. We appreciate you listening to this podcast. Please subscribe and leave a review of encouragement about the podcast.   Blessings,  Marline Paul, M.Div.  Rose of Alpha Omega Founder  Ministry Consultant & Christian Life Coach

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