Episode 1: Remember who you are... A Conversation with Ericka Meadows Polisaintvil

This episode is a conversation featuring Ericka Meadows Polisaintvil. Ericka is a faith-filled Motivational Speaker, Mentor & Wife. She is an amazing chef and an incredible woman of God. In our conversation, she reaffirms women to remember who they are in Christ and stand in the authority that we have in Him to do all that he has called us to do. She reminds us that we are empowered and grace by God to do what He has called us to do. You can connect with Ericka on Facebook Page- "Food and Foolery with Chef Eri" https://www.facebook.com/NotToBeTruffledWith Reflective Action

Spend time this week, listening to God, reading His Words, and write down what God is saying to you about "Who you are in Christ." I pray that this episode provides you the inspiration, support, and encouragement that you need. Blessings, Marline Paul, M.Div. Rose of Alpha Omega Founder Ministry Consultant & Christian Life Coach Download our Free Affirmation Cards https://www.roseofalphaomega.org/resouces

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