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Episode 5: A conversation featuring Dee Anne Bernard

This episode is a conversation featuring Dee Anne

Dee Anne Barnard is a gospel singer, actress, motivational speaker, and host. The foundation of her talents began in church serving in the house of the Lord. She has sung background for up and coming gospel artists such as Ron Kamar, Zenaide Barnard, and Nikia Woods. While in ministry has hosted the women's ministry events at Theos Ministries as well as participated in productions, written scripts, and was an overseer of the worship and art department. Her goal is to bless the body of Christ and to do the will of the Father with the gifts He has given her. 

I truly enjoy my conversation with DeeAnne. She shares her experience working in the healthcare field amidst Covid-19 and speaks of how she tries to bring hope to those she works with. 

Overall, She stressed the importance of taking a posture of prayer as we go through stressful and uncertain times and also speaking God's words back to him and over ourselves and others. 

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Reflective Action

  • This week take a posture of prayer. Pray for yourself, family, friends, governments, frontline workers, the poor.

  • Ask God to show you how to reflect His love to others.  

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