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Episode 7: A conversation featuring Dr. Jamila Rauf Jackson

Dr. Jamila Rauf Jackson is a Christian woman who has dedicated her life to serving the Lord. She is married to Pastor Alphonso Jackson, Jr., and they have two daughters, Angelina and Allyson Jackson. 

God is first and foremost in her life, and she strives to serve Him by serving His people. She directs a program at St. Thomas University the provides ministerial development for senior pastors in the South Florida community. She also leads a community of women’s ministry, Graceful Transformations, which she founded in 2018. 

Dr. Jackson earned her Ph.D. in Practical Theology from St. Thomas University. She worked in the Miami Dade for 10 years, and she served as an adjunct professor at Broward College, St. Thomas University, and Florida Memorial University. She has been a conference speaker, guest lecturer, and panelist member throughout her career and ministry. She is the author of Worth the Wait (2014) and Blooming Believer (2019).

She lives by the Word of God and delights in communicating the Word to all who desire to listen.

I truly enjoyed my conversation with my dear friend. She encourages us to develop consistency in our relationship with God because this the heart of everything pertaining to our lives. She spoke on how in speaking life, it has to begin with working on the inward path of us, so our heart takes hold of our faith. She finally implores us to not give up on developing our spiritual relationship with God. Even if you fail, just get back up and continue to develop your spiritual muscles. You connect with Dr. Jamila Jackon Devotion Line- every Monday at 9 PM in August. Dail in- 319-527-5017. Facebook: Instagram: @gracefultransformations and @drjamilajackson Reflective Action

  • This week we are focusing on seeking out God's direction in our lives, for our purpose, and for our understanding. 

  • Ask him where He wants you to be more consistent in your spiritual walk. 

  • Listen to Him to find out your next steps. 

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