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Episode 8: is a conversation featuring Tonika Julien

Tonika Julien is a proud wife to Adler Julien and a mother of two growing boys ages 5 and 7.  She is an assistant principal of an alternative school which consists of Early Head Start, Head Start, Teen Parents, at-risk Middle and High school students, Adult-GED students and Adult ESOL students.  Tonika actively leads Thursday morning prayer for her church prayer group. She is a passionate and ambitious woman who strives to equip others to grow spiritually and improve academically to ultimately become a missile for His kingdom. Her compass in life is God's Word and her pulse is the voice of God.  I was very encouraged to have this conversation with my dear friend.  She reminds us that God is a miracle-worker and that in a situation that looks dire, he is still in control and he is still moving. 

Connect with Tonika Email: Instagram: @tonika773

Reflective Action

  •  This week, I challenge you to learn and engage in using your learning style.

  •  Learning Style Test

  • Choose a time every day to read scripture, write down, say it posted so you can see it each and every day that it can be ingrained in your heart. 

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