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Not Enough

Everything I do


Not Enough

Going to church

Every time, the church doors are open

Not Enough

Serving in a ministry at church

Not Enough

Reading Your Word Daily

Not Enough

Praying Each and Everyday

SEEMS Not Enough

If my soul-

MY mind, my will, and my emotions

Are not submitted to You,

All those things have no meaning.

All those things ARE Not Enough.

My innermost being cries out for You

Cries out for the FIRE that once burns within.

Where All my worship --

was undistractedly pure and true.

There is too much clutter

too much Noise

That hinders the pure worship

that my soul longs for...

Bring me back to the place

where my heart desire was to seek your face

in a place of...


This is a repost of poem I wrote on April 8, 2009 at 11:08 PM.

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