Episode 3:.. A Conversation with Imani Ackerman

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

This episode is a conversation featuring Imani Ackerman

 Imani is such an encouraging woman. She is a Young Moms’ Advocate and Legacy Activator, which basically means she empowers and encourages women to become all that God made them to be and change the world.

In our conversation, she encourages us that even in our busy seasons that we enjoy the pockets of time that we are able to spend within devotion with God and not feel guilty. We are called to pray without ceasing, so speak to Him throughout the day. 

Imani also stressed the importance of going to God with our “Stuff,” acknowledge them and allowing Him to guide us in them. He is truly the only one that is able to bear all that we are carrying. Many times we can go to friends that can carry our stuff and she advocates the benefit of seeking professional help when we do need that extra support.